Kappa Game Station

Player 1 ready? Let’s go!Kappa Game Station & Dessert Bar is now open at Churchill Centre! Located next to Gami Chicken + Beer.

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Milk Flower

Milk Flower is on their way to Churchill Centre! Exclusive dessert, tea, yoghurt & smoothie drinks! Drink Real, Drink Fresh! Located opposite TK Maxx.


Electric Car Charging

Located next to Crystal Shine Hand Car Wash & Detailing, you can charge your electric car while you shop! Available 24/7, payment made via paywave – no app required!

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Minato Sushi

Paired with a delicious bubble tea, sushi is the perfect lunch on a hot Summer’s day – Minato Sushi is open 7 days a week serving freshly made takeaway sushi!

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Dazzling Hair & Beauty

Drum roll please.. Dazzling Hair & Beauty is now open and ready to give your hair the TLC it deserves. Call on 0425 757 766 to book today!

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Essential Beauty

Essential Beauty Skin has now landed in salon. Your body care routine can be as simple as Nourish, Soothe and Glow!

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